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An open source web framework for collaboration on development of clinical templates and other clinical information standards.


A clinical template is a generic term for a collection of data items structured to be useful for a health care application. They contribute to three important goals of eHealth:

A template describes the information in, for example, a pain assessment. So it would list items like the character of the pain, its location, intensity, duration and describe the data that could be entered for each item.

More specific terms which relate to particular information standards are:

The project offers a web 'shell’ for a collaborative project site, supporting groups, membership, news, blogs, newsfeeds, and wiki. Within that, we are developing a range of plugins to support template building, mappings and other project-specific tools.

In various projects using the framework, we have developed code to import openEHR archetypes/templates, ISO 13606 archetypes, and UML-based Detailed Clinical Models.

Source code

The source uses a BSD licence, one of the most liberal, and means you can modify and use the code for anything you like, including commercial projects. We hope that if you do use the code, you will let us know about your project, and consider forking the code and contributing improvements.

ct-snowhite is a sample Django project which installs and uses the main components of the framework into a working system. Django is full-featured web framework written in Python.

It is recommended you install this into a working Django setup using Virtualenv- you can then clone the project with Git and do a pip install:

  $ git clone git://
  $ cd ct-snowhite
  $ pip install -r requirements.txt

See the ct-snowhite README for installation guidance.

Projects using the framework




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